Fraud Disclaimer Alert

It has recently been brought to our attention that our company name and brand identity ‘Atechnocrat’ have been used in an illegal and fraudulent manner to attempt financial scams targeting freelancers across various platforms like Watsapp, Telegram and others. We are issuing this statement to raise awareness regarding these unethical practices and to prevent any further loss or inconvenience to freelancers and the public at large.

Specifically, it has come to light that scammers have been creating fake profiles impersonating Atechnocrat on social media sites like Watsapp, Facebook and Instagram as well as freelancing websites. These profiles use Atechnocrat’s official logo, name and branding to approach freelancers with alleged reviews creation, typing, data conversion, or copying jobs from our company.

Generally a person (or persons) imposter themselves as HR from Atechnocrat contact the freelancer. Once hiring the targets, the scammers insist freelancers should work via Watsapp, Telegram and coordinate through a fraudulent ‘Project Manager.’ Moreover, after completion of work delivery, these scammers brazenly ask freelancers to pay a certain amount of processing fees for opening so-called ’employee portal accounts’ to receive payments, adding financial frauds.

Through this public notice, Atechnocrat wishes to clearly and expressly reinforce that we solely use our company’s official registered domains and verified social media handles for any communication with our clients or freelancers. Under no circumstances will any authorized company representative ever use personal Gmail accounts or private messaging platforms like Watsapp, or Telegram to assign jobs, nor will payments ever be sought for create employee accounts, processing salaries, or other administrative purposes.

We strongly urge all freelancers and public members who may encounter questionable online entities or individuals misrepresenting themselves as members of Atechnocrat to be vigilant of the following red flags:

  • Communication from non-official email ids or unverified social media handles
  • Requests to transact outside of formal freelancing platforms
  • Demands for upfront payments for processing, accounts access etc.
  • Insistence on coordinating via private chat applications like Watsapp, or Telegram

Atechnocrat accepts no liability for any losses, damages, or other unfavorable outcomes from dealings with such fraudulent impersonators. We appeal to all people and freelancers to undertake necessary due diligence in verifying the credentials of any employers before undertaking assignments or contracts. You may contact our official customer support channels to confirm any suspicions of scams or misrepresentation regarding our brand name or business activities.