Google Penalty: What are they and how to fix them?

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Google introduced the term Google Penalty when website owners are using illicit activity to tweak their ranking on the google search engines. In the early phases, Google was just a simple search engine that often shows results based on the website activities, but with AI integration and technological advancement, the search engine becomes more robust. They are now more user preference than website preference.

Google discourages any activities which can use to cheat the Google search algorithm so that the website can rank higher for certain search terms without any proper reasons. After they introduced the Google penalty, hundreds and thousands of websites get affected by it, in a single day, almost 60 thousand websites lost their ranking, even they get themselves de-indexed from the google search crawlers.

Businesses who were doing black hat SEO and were ranking good in the early days, after the penalization, even lost the spot for their own business name. Therefore, it’s important for businesses and website owners to know about these Google penalities. What is the reason behind these Google penalties and how to deal with them in an effective manner?

Common causes for Google Penalties and Ways To Fix Them

Earlier we discussed what Google Penalties are and how to find whether your website was hurt by it or not.

Some famous Google penalties that we will learn to fix are cloaking and sly redirects. We believe that readers of this blog are genuinely interested in finding ways to overcome the Google penalty and treat their audience with the best information they got.

Tricking Google with bogus content and spammy links can work for a while but after the site gets penalized it becomes tough and tougher to recover it from there. It is always advisable for our SEO Company to follow ethical and white label SEO path.

In recent time there is two most significant algorithm update from Google that has hugely impacted the SEO segment. Panda and Penguin updates of Google’s are meant to make the search engine more robust and accurate with the result and at the same time, the penguin update fines the website which are using black hat techniques to increase their ranking instantly.

But these updates are past now, and we are now seeing remedies to resolve the penalized website. Some common practices which lead to the Google penalty are

Link Schemes

Backlink building is an important measure in SEO activity, most of the effort of an SEO person is involved in getting high rated and authoritative backlinks to the money site. As backlinks are one of the many parameters that google considers while giving rank to the website. High-value links increase the page rank, authority of the website. But some agencies follow negative tricks to gain a huge amount of backlink instantly using tools or create artificial backlinks.

Google mostly penalize the website who have a huge number of toxic links which are created with a purpose to cheat the Google Algorithm.

Way to fix it:

There are numerous backlink checkers available in the market right now, some are free some are paid. Tools like Ahreg, Moz, and Semrush have the feature of finding backlinks connecting to a website. They have their own sources to determine whether the backlinks are having positive results or negative results to the website. Check the backlinks and create a list of toxic links using these tools. Afterward, submit the same bad backlink website list to the disavow feature of the Google Search Console and make it clear for Google not to consider these harmful links, so that you can keep a clean Link Scheme for your website.

Scraped or Thin Content

In literal words thin and scraped have two different meanings but in the eyes of Google, they are of the same thing. Bad content is not just a problem for Google, but they also give a very poor impression to the online users. Previously when Google was not using any kind of AI nor its algorithm was powerful enough to determine between good content and a bad one, SEO people benefit from them. But after the Panda update which was specifically meant to realize the difference between genuine content and other spammy content, it was like an SEO blast for all. Content which is scraped using tools or content which are republished with spinner is under the radar of Google and those post never got the ranking again.

Way to fix it

Solving the thin content problem is easy, all you need is to add more information and real value to the content, and republish it. Thin content can never give any good ranking to the website. At least a website must contain content that is valuable and makes the reader stuck to the website for a while.

To find out the duplicate content in the website is a tough job, either you have to manually use the plagiarism tools to find duplicacy in the content your website already has. Tools such as Siteliner are one of the best in the industry that can help your find the duplicacy percentage among the published article on the website. Find the duplicate portion rewrite them with fresh and unique content. In this way, you can secure your website from getting any panda penalty.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is an old SEO practice which SEO experts tend to follow to rank their website on SERP. But without knowing the consequence, it harmed their website big time. Keyword stuffing comes under manual evaluation of Google penalty and most of the site which was penalized for this never get their website ranks back afterward.

Keyword stuffing means that a particular webpage is filled with numerous keywords (same terms) as a way to trick Google to gain a higher ranking. This trick worked for a while, but as soon google realizes about this they started to penalize the website for this by downgrading their rank or even permanent ban from the search engine result pages.

Way to fix it

The most simple method to keep your website away from these penalties is to never overfill the web page or article or post with keywords. If you are writing content, use tools like Semrush content optimization, Yoast SEO tools to find the right amount of keywords to add. These are great tools to create an article without any trouble to overstuff keywords.

In case any of your blog posts are filled with keywords, remove all of them as quickly you can resubmit the article using google search console. Still, if you are not getting it ranked, try with a different version of the article place with a different URL.

Impact of Google Penalties on a website

Google penalties are like a nightmare for any SEO enthusiast. No SEO person wants their website to get fined by Google. But some SEO practices are making the website vulnerable to such penalties, that need to be avoided all time.

Penalties can give a sharp downfall to the traffic to the website, one can lose all the ranking keywords, in fact, the business can lose the position for its name too.

In case there is a Google Penalty onto your website, you can still recover from it if you follow the right path and fix all the issues which have cause the penalty. You can hire the team of Atechnocrat for SEO Services as we can effectively recover your website from such penalty and give a new SEO strategy to your business and help in the growth.

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