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Content is King – This is now not one of the many SEO mysteries on the web. Anyone who publishes a dozen content every day on their site is not getting anything, because things have changed now. It’s not the volume but the quality which is the role player now.

In order to find the right words for the sensitive search algorithms from Bing, Yahoo, or Google, you have to think a few things in advance, not only about the choice of words but also when you choose them and how you can format them – because that too is “Queen”.

Of course, a lot of textual content is good for search engine ranking. When it comes to indexing websites alone, good texts help far more than all titles, meta tags, or headings. But at least since the reports about the new Google Panda update, it should be clear: The type and quality of the content are also important. That means for all webmasters and administrators to get good content. On the one hand, they are good if, as the Panda Update demands, they are of high-quality information content, i.e. no empty scribbling with keywords.

The position of the keywords is also decisive, but not in the form as some SEOs believe. So there is no point in dealing with all the keywords in the first paragraph of a text and then ignoring them afterward. They belong in every section, after all the web crawlers take the time to “read” the texts to the end.

The penetration of grammar does not have to be in two respects either. Firstly, it is not nice to read phrases like “If you are looking for a hotel in Delhi” and secondly, “Hotel in Delhi” works just as well, because search engines can evaluate prepositions accordingly.
Similarly, a constant theme in SEO and optimization is the meta tags.

They are a relic from earlier SEO days that were misused too much and are no longer taken into account, especially by Google. In contrast to the headings and other text formatting mentioned at the beginning. H1, bold type, italics, and, above all, internal links help the crawlers to search through the websites and also to evaluate the keyword density.

Content is definitely king, but it does not rule alone. SEO-optimized content need links, formatting, and good thematic development so that they work. Get the help of the best SEO company to develop an SEO friendly site that is eligible for good ranking, Read further to learn more about SEO optimized Content

The right choice of words for SEO

In order to get to the top in the search engine results of the major search engines, one must first find the right words. In order to find the right choice of words for place 1, you have to select appropriate keywords. Keywords are the key to search engine placement – if these words are also searched for by users.

Keywords establish the connection between the administrator and the visitor to a page. But the visitor remains only a potential visitor until the administrator offers an actual search term on his page. But that’s not all: Some keywords are also offered by a relatively large number of other websites, against which the administrator has to assert himself – in the search engine results.

It is important to outdo the competition in the battle for the first place in order to ultimately turn the potential visitor into an actual visitor. This is only possible through search engine optimization (SEO) and that has the right choice of words for SEO as an important part. The administrator has to think about what his site offers and what words he would use to describe his offer. These words need to be incorporated in as many places as possible on your page so that search engines can find out that this page offers content for the corresponding word.

You can draw special attention from search engines to particularly selected keywords by having them appear in headings, bold print, by links, and much more. However and wherever the administrator places them, the right choice of words for SEO in advance is even more important: Some keywords are already being offered by so many and strong competing sites that it is better to make another choice.

Working with Google Keyword Tool

When building content for websites, it is always important to pay attention to the right keywords. After all, you have a product, information, or service that you want to draw attention to with the text, and this is best achieved using the appropriate keywords that can be found in the search engine results.

However, it is important to find out which the right keywords are in advance of the text genesis. An important element of keyword research is the Google Keyword Tool, an application that makes writing texts with regard to keywords much easier and more successful.

Because the Google Keyword Tool has a very powerful function: It shows how often keywords are searched for by users on Google. Thanks to the keyword tool, an SEO copywriter or website admin can see which words are particularly worth mentioning on the page.
But there are a few things to consider: Because others are likely to use these keywords and thus compete. Fortunately, the competition for a keyword is also displayed by the Google Keyword Tool, so that you can stay away from particularly competitive words if necessary.

The Google tool also shows various semantically related words and phrases and thus even helps to find alternative keywords! All these variants one may try the Google keyword tool and thus a foundation of keyword research create, based on the texts you later and published on a website.

And if you climb towards number 1 with keywords after a while, the pleasant work with one of the strongest Google tools has definitely paid off. Hope this article has cleared your doubts about SEO optimized content and the keys involved in creating one.

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