How SEO Company Works & Help Business?

If you have a business which is having online existence in form of a website, then you must have heard about the term SEO. There are a lot of things that you must know about an SEO, what they do, how they do, and most importantly the boost they can bring in your sales and customers. If you have never worked with any SEO agency, then this article can be very helpful, as we are going to discuss “What exactly an SEO Company does?” Because the better you understand about SEO Company, the more likely you will invest in the SEO services which are crucial for growing business online by getting your official site higher ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

What search engine optimization company does?

First thing first, a business owner must know what is SEO then only it is possible to understand the working of an SEO company.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which in layman terms is a process of making a website rank on search results for competitive keywords that internet users are using to buy services and products. Another role of SEO is to increase website traffic and bring as many genuine customers to the website organically. Most often SEO company in India perform white label SEO where they use strategies to make your site rank higher without the use of promotional ads and PPC.

SEO companies work as per the guidelines of google algorithm so that they can get a proper result for their client. There is almost 200 parameter that is responsible for the ranking of a website on Google search result. An SEO company makes sure that your website is modified in a manner that satisfies all the 200 parameters. Some of those parameters are

  • The website needs to be mobile-friendly and completely responsive.
  • HTTPS site is more likely to rank better than HTTP sites
  • The loading time of the website and user experience overall.
  • Content quality is a crucial parameter and needs well-focused information.
  • The uniqueness of the content and information is also needed.
  • Social Signal is helping a website to create social awareness.
  • Backlinks are indeed one of the most worthy parameters to work on.

There is hundred and more parameter on which SEO company works to make your site eligible for top ranking on google, yahoo, bing, or any other search engines.

SEO Company Atechnocrat offers only white label SEO

Before partnering with any company for the SEO of your website, you must have some awareness about SEO services, and the task involves in it. Every SEO company work with a strategy where they produce good results for the website by performing tasks like

seo company work#1 SEO Audit of the Website

In this step, the SEO company will analyze the site to find the errors and fix them according to SEO requirements.

#2 Analysis of the website structure

Make changes to the URL and structurize them in a way that makes it more user engaging. Friendly URLs are important if you want Google to give your website a good ranking.

#3 Analysis of existing content

If your website is having content, the SEO person will look into it, so that they can plan a way to use it for the website ranking.

#4 Do competitive research

It is really important to know what your competitors are doing. Competitor analysis helps the SEO team to find out competitive keywords which you can also use, plus helps you to stay in the trend.

#5 Keyword Planning

Every business belongs to some category and determines the right number and exactly the right keyword can help in optimizing the site more efficiently.

#6 Content Optimization

After the list of keywords is finalized for the particular site, SEO experts will further modify content and optimize it in a manner that showcases the details attached with the keyword. Further content optimization helps google to realize the importance of the page and give them an appropriate ranking.

#7 On-page SEO modification

On-page SEO optimization involves tag updates, title changes, and description modification according to the target keyword for that particular page.

#8 Off-page SEO activities

Link buildings, creating an online reputation, getting recommendations are some of the off-page SEO activities that are performed by SEO agencies.

#9 SEO Reporting

After all the tasks are covered by the SEO company, they present the overall status of the work and growth bought by the SEO and summarize them all in form of a report. This SEO reporting is weekly, monthly, half-yearly depending on the SEO package opted by the brand.

Benefits of SEO in terms of Business Productivity

Website Ranking

The main motive of the SEO is to rank the website higher on the Search Engine Result Page for competitive search phrases.

Brand Awareness

The higher your website ranks on trending search terms. The more people will get aware of your brand, leading to great visibility and more exposure.

Sales Generation

Once the website starts to receive more visitors and online users, the chances of creating sales increasing. Every visitor to the website can be a lead which can be transformed into a buyer. In SEO, it is a fact that the higher the ranking more will be the sales.

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