5 Steps to Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website Today

Backlinks are still a crucial component in more than 200+ parameters for google search engine ranking. Google algorithm still considers the backlink profile as a factor to boost keyword ranking on Search Engine Result Page (SERP’s). Since they are so important for key phrase ranking, you wish not to miss the opportunity to rank your website higher using link building strategy. Achieving a powerful backlink portfolio using a white-label or we say ethical SEO is challenging but very fruitful, so read ahead, and you will know the steps of getting good links for your website.

A beginner may find it difficult to get high-quality backlinks for their website, but with the below-mentioned parameter, you can decide which backlink will suit your link portfolio, which can assist your website further in keyword ranking. Hiring Link Building Services is always a great option if you want to maintain the backlink portfolio that matters to increase the ranking of your competitive keywords.

But first, you need to understand what “high quality” backlinks are?

Not all backlinks are termed as “high quality” then what is this high quality? There are certain parameters to assess the quality of the link.

Parameters Which Decides the Quality of Backlinks Are:

  • Domain Age

Domains that are old contain more powerful link juice in comparison to the domain register a day ago. Therefore check out the domain age of the site before approaching them for a backlink.

  • Link Pattern

There is one thing you need to be very clear about in ethical SEO, that Google is watching what you are doing with the website. If you are receiving backlinks from a website which are known to give external backlink, then definitely it is not a good idea to connect with such sites. The pattern of backlinks matter, google prefer sites which are having natural backlinks.

  • Domain Rating

This parameter is actually defined by Ahref, more quality backlinks connected to a website, then higher will be the domain rating. Check for high DR website and try to get backlinks from them.

  • Page Authority

The external website may contain hundreds of inner pages, but you need to find out which page has the best authority and use it to create the connection. PA & DA is the parameter developed by Moz.

  • Domain Authority

As stated earlier, PA & DA both are maintained by the Moz, always connect with the website which is having high domain authority.

  • Text-Based Links

Are you keen to rank your keywords; then getting text-based links will do the job. Try to make backlinks using anchor text, where the anchor text is the keyword you are willing to rank for.

If all the above-mentioned parameter is good for a website then having a backlink from that particular website will result in improvement of your link portfolio as well as the authority of your website.

Link building never happens overnight, to get quality backlinks you need to spare time, do research, and lots of smart work.

Obtaining backlinks from a high authoritative website needs to be performed by experts because several links building strategy fails because of the wrong conversation made between the website owners.

We always help our readers with some key tips which they can follow to create high-quality backlinks for their own website.

Key Tips for Creating Good Backlink Quickly

Find the Best Content Which You Can Offer

You need to understand that no website owner will like to create a link in their content which is directing to a page containing void information, so before you approach a website for a backlink, firstly you need to have user-friendly and informative content on your website initially. Then further if you approach someone asking for a backlink, maybe you will succeed in receiving one.

get high quality backlinks

Have A Link List Of Quality Website

Every link builder has a list of website which they find perfect for every kind of website. But the pro tip here is to prepare a list of links based on the industry. Having 50 backlinks from your own niche relevant sites are more fruitful in comparison to the 500 backlinks from another kind of website. So always create backlinks from a site which functions in a similar industry like yours and share similar kind of information.

Social Shares Are Fuel to Link Building

We are in the era of digitization and social networking, if you want to connect with the best website from your own industry why not approach them using Facebook messenger or connect with them using Instagram. Never ask directly for a link, talk with them a bit, understand their business, show them how your content is speaking the same language as their business. Social mentions are link boosters of 2020, don’t avoid them!

Competitive Link Research

It is always the best practice to keep an eye on what competitors are working on. Frequently visit their website, check their link profiles using tools like Ahref, Moz, or Semrush. If you find a website that you can link too, then don’t spare any time to get a backlink from those sites. Because competitive link building strategy works very effectively to rank your own keywords faster.

Local Citations & Directories

If your business involved local consumers then why not target the local market first. The best way to do that is to have a business listing on a local website or directories. Even Google has it’s own business directory go with the name of “Google My Business”, or GMB. If you have a local store, then GMB is the most useful listing tool which can give you more organic customers.

get quality links for websiteThe best way to use local citations is to work on the “NAP” strategy. Name, Address, and Phone number is the connecting point of any business. Always enter them in local directories, maybe some directories don’t offer URL listing, but still, they are important. Because brand mentions on different websites are collected by Google Algorithms as recommendations. And recommendations are considered as one influential parameter for keyword ranking.


There is no doubt that link building process takes time, but the outcomes will always overcome the time. If you perform link building using the parameters mentioned above then definitely your SEO score will improve. Parameters such as DA, PA, and DR are critical for link building, always keep an eye on them before you approach the site for backlinks.

Further, the key steps which we mentioned for getting quality backlinks will ease up the jobs for you. Not all website works on the same link building strategy, but the tips which we highlighted in the above article are common for all kind of business website, as well as blogging sites. So follow them to get quality backlinks for your website, starting today!

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