Instagram Stories For User Engagement

Improve User Engagement With Effective Instagram Stories

When you log on to Instagram, do you ever find yourself more compelled to look at the top circles, as compared to the photos and videos on your actual feed? You’re more gravitated to watch those Stories, right?

While your actual Instagram feed is still essential. But Instagram Stories is also a very powerful way of driving user engagement. Today we will be listing some of the ways which you can imply in your Marketing strategy held on Instagram to increase your audience reach. Effective steps that one can follow while preparing Insta Stories to entice the audience.

Here are some practical ways of incorporating stories on Instagram to drive user engagement:

Make Use of Polls, Questions, and Swipe Meter Stickers

The platform continuously rolls out new features like swipe meters, polls, and questions. That way, it’s easier to survey your audience as to gather insight in the long run plus the add-ons like feedback in the poll feature is just beneficial to understand the taste of your audience. Since Instagram introduces the typical poll, they are on a continuous path of including features that are easy to use.

Adding polls in your stories increases the chance for your followers to take action and engage with your content. Take note of the results and be sure and comfortable before making the post online.

Moreover, the swipe meter allows you to survey your followers and ask them their thoughts. For instance, you want to see how much your audience loves a particular product, service, or recipe.

The “questions” feature gives your audience an “ask me anything” type of format. It’s an excellent engagement feature that allows your audience to interact with you, giving you great ideas of the kind of content you can come up with in the future.

You can encourage your followers to make queries and reply to them via Stories. Doing so benefits your current marketing for several reasons. First, you’re showing your audience that you care about them, and secondly, you’re addressing the person’s questions, and offering valuable content and solutions. Finally, you’ll grow as an expert and a person of authority in your field.

Share Posts and Stories of Others within your Profile

Do you want to reshare someone else’s Instagram post? Well, you can reshare an Instagram post in the regular feed to your own IG story. Just click on the Send To button and choose Post to Your Story.

A new story post will open, and once it’s there, you can edit it if you want to add more to the existing material. You can also resize or drag the post image you’ve reshared, add texts, stickers, change the background color and other elements to it.

While you can credit the original owner at the bottom of the story, the user can’t be tagged on the post. Therefore, they won’t receive a notification if you’ve shared their post on your profile.

Once you upload the story on the platform, your followers will be able to see it. Sharing posts of others on your profile helps you to eliminate the image of a self-centered brand. For the purpose of Social Media Optimization you can go with SMO Services which can handle you Social Media channels to enhance audience engagement.

Include Hashtags to Reach a Broader Audience

It’s highly encouraged that you use hashtags in your Stories. Just like in your feed, hashtags give you the opportunity to earn more likes and get discovered by more people.

That’s the same case in using hashtags for Stories, only that you need to utilize broader, more popular hashtags that are relevant to the material that you’re posting.Instagram Story Marketing

Doing so can easily double the number of your viewers. Following up on trending hashtags often helps Brand to increase the number of views they have. Try to create posts relevant to trending hashtags but don’t divert from your niche. So why not try it and see where it goes?

Mention People or Brands to Increase Engagement

Adding user-generated content in your Stories offers many benefits for your brand. Think about it ‒ when other users share content that will improve your brand image, you can also use that content as your own by utilizing the @mentions feature. It helps you reach a much broader audience plus it adds more credibility to your brand image.

Also, the @mentions sharing feature gives an Instagram user a moment in the spotlight. Devoted fans would love to have that special mention from the brand Inta account. It would generate a lot of interest in your brand since your fans and followers compete to outdo each other so that they’ll have a chance to get their content featured.

If you leverage your marketing efforts in User Generated Content, you’ll strengthen your existing community, and even for new ones in the process.

Utilize “Highlights” so that you can keep your Stories in your Profile

Most stories get automatically deleted after 24-hours. But you want to keep those best slides in your profile? Well, if you’re going to make it available to your audience for an indefinite period, then it’s entirely possible through IG Stories Highlights.

Highlights are usually made up of curated clips that are available in your profile (for your followers to see) as long as you wish. They often occupy a spot on the top of your feed under your profile name.

Instagram Stories Ads

If you want to make your marketing campaign even more successful, then why not try the Instagram Stories Ads feature? The feature lets you publish ads within other people’s stories, broadening your reach, and going beyond your already existing followers.

Instagram marketing

Moreover, you need to have a good banner and excellent market researcher so that it can help you finalize the best time to publish your advertisements. Even you can use Online Tools to build those Ads.

The tools can significantly benefit from Instagram Stories Ads without investing too much time on it. Services of SMM can really help you to get paid attention via Instagram channel.

Perform Creative Experiments

The platform is continuously adding new features such as font types, pinning texts, background music, shadows, GIFs, and others. Regularly keep your app up to date. So, that you become the first one to know about new features that are being added.

Also, remember to have fun as you explore these different features, and see what works best for your brand. Because more you explore on Instagram more you can learn about the ways of building the best strategies for your Digital Marketing via Instagram.

Over To You

Instagram stories are one of the most popular features on Instagram and have shot to approximately 400 million daily active users. By applying the tactics we’ve discussed above, you can now effectively use IG Stories to increase user engagement. In similar ways, it gives your brand an excellent opportunity to get in front of your target audiences. Instagram is one of the best platforms for products related to wearables, cooking and many more. Ecommerce Sites also comes in handy for selling products online. So check the tips which can help you Optimize Ecommerce Website to gain more trust and productivity.

About the Author – Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, an Instagram Marketing Agency in New York City. Voy Media believes in the power of Instagram advertising in helping businesses to boost their sales and improve their conversions. Voy Media aids businesses to push the right message to the right audience to deliver the right outcomes.

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