Social Media Marketing to Thrive Your Business

Most of the small businesses are confused while selecting the best marketing strategy. There are several online marketing options available including SEO, paid advertising, influencer marketing and many more.

However, if your budget is small, then you need to invest your money in cost-effective marketing strategies which will provide you with the best results.

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods which are used by most of the brands to increase their sales and revenue.

In a recent survey, it was found that more than 90 percent of digital marketers use social media marketing to increase their brand exposure.

Here are some of the reasons to shift toward Social Media Marketing:

1. Social Media is holding a large chunk of potential Customers.

One of the important reasons to market your product through social media is that your potential clients are spending most of their time on social media platforms.

According to Statista, more than 2.62 billion people were on social media in the year 2018, and these numbers are going to increase in the upcoming years.

With so many people using social media every day, it’s never been so crucial for small as well as big businesses utilize this opportunity to reach to their online users.

If you are not on social media networks, you could be missing out a chance to get new leads and sales for your business.

2. Social Media happens to help you engage more Customers.

Most of the users like to follow and interact with their favorite brands through social media.

In fact, more than 90 percent of online users use social media platforms to communicate with a brand or business.

The reason why the consumers are more engaged and respond to a brand’s message because social media allows seeing the different sides of the brand by making the process of communication easy.

It also helps in making a real connection with your customers and clients rather than just sending messages.

The content businesses publish on their social media feeds show their personality and brand’s voice.

3. Social Media signals help to boost up the traffic.

One of the significant advantages of social media marketing is that it helps in cutting the unnecessary marketing costs without compromising with the results.

To get the most out of social media, you have to invest your time and effort in creating quality content.

The more quality and engaging content you post on different social media platforms, the more chances you would get to convert a potential customer.

4. Social Media Marketing can be cost-effective

One of the major advantages of social media marketing is that it helps in cutting the unnecessary marketing costs without compromising with the results. SMM can be cost-effective if executed with proper plans and the right approach.

In order to get the most out of social media, you have to invest your time and effort in creating quality content.

According to Hubspot, there has been an increase of 57 percent in the content consumption on Facebook in the last two years.

Depending on your budget you can also run paid advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

If you want to get in-depth knowledge of social media marketing, then take up a Digital Marketing Course, which will help you to implement the latest marketing strategies for your online business.

5. SMM can positively impact your Search Rankings.

It’s vital for every business to have a strong social media presence. It not only helps to get free traffic but also increases your search engine rankings as well.

An excellent social engagement act as a signal to the search engine bots that your business is trustworthy, credible and essential for users.

Along with improving the website’s search engine ranking, it also helps in getting your social media profile on the first search results page when a user looks for your brand.

Ways to Prepare Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns:

Social media can be compared to a large fishing pond, where a right hook in the form of luring offers can bring customers to your Brand.

There are more than 2.3 billion monthly active users of Facebook and 150 million on Pinterest.

Hence, not using it would make your marketing strategy incomplete.

Keep reading, if you want to know when and how to use social media marketing for making your business successful.

1. Layout your plans and objectives

If you want to jump-start your social media marketing strategy, then, first of all, create a solid blueprint of plans and objectives.

You will not be able to measure the success of your marketing campaign if you do not have a definite objective, to begin with.

You need to align your social media objectives with your marketing efforts. Write down all the goals which you want to achieve.

According to research, people with written goals are 30 percent more likely to be successful as compared to people who have goals in their mind.

Use the SMART goal setting process:

  • Be Specific: You should specify what are the exact goals you want to accomplish. Vague goals are most likely to fail, hence avoid it altogether.
  • Measurable: The goal should be small and measurable so that you don’t have to be sad when you are not able to accomplish large goals.
  • Attainable: You will become frustrated if you are not able to reach your goals, so don’t go overboard with expectations.
  • Be Relevant: It’s essential to have proper plans and goals such as increasing website traffic, building audience, and many more.
  • Be Timely: Keep a time limit while you work towards your goal. Break up your large project into small mini-goals and set a deadline for each of them.

2. Identify Your Audience

Your marketing strategy won’t be effective unless you identify your target audience. Creating a buyer persona is an important part of a successful social media marketing campaign.

  • Review customers: Study the reviews of your customers who have bought your service or product. Know about their reviews and what changes you can make to improve your business further.
  • Write down the critical points: Note down some of the main points such as how does your product solve the customer’s problem, what value does it provide and how you can target your audience more effectively.
  • Survey Customer Support: Talk to your customer support and know what the common queries they hear more often.

3. Select the correct Social Media Platform

Most of the businesses make a huge mistake of creating followers on all the social media platforms. It increases the work of the social media manager, yet it does give you the best results.

All you need to do is find one or two social media platforms where your users most spend their time and publish engaging content there for creating a fan base there.

Some of the points you should consider while selecting a social media platform are:

  • Who are your potential customers: It’s important to choose a platform depending upon the requirements of your potential audience. If you want to sell something directly, then Facebook is the best for you. If you’re going to focus on a younger audience, then go for Snapchat. Are you marketing to other companies, then a suitable platform for you would be Linkedin.
  • Which platforms are your competitors using: Spend some time in figuring out which channels your competitors are using to promote their products. If your competitors have a significant following on a specific platform, then use that particular medium.

4. Grow and engage your audience

To make your social media marketing campaign successful, you need to find ways to grow and engage your audience.

  • Respond to new customers: It’s important to respond to the queries of new customers to increase your trust level among them. Address the issues and like and comment on the posts.
  • Tags: You can also tag your subscribers on the content you think would interest them. Showing personal touches helps to increase your brand loyalty.
  • Use hashtags: Hashtags(#) are the new trend in social media platforms. Use as many relevant hashtags as you can to make your content more discoverable.

5. Scrutinize your results

After you have followed all the necessary steps. Track your results to make the required changes and improvements to your marketing campaign. Here are some of the metrics you need to track for acquiring the best results.

  • The number of followers: Measure the number of social media followers you have on each platform. You need to compare with the results of the previous month to see if you have achieved your target or need to improve.
  • Likes and Shares: Track the engagement of your posts on social media platforms. If you are not receiving likes, comments, shares on your content, then it’s time to review your posts.
  • Clicks: It’s an important metric to find how your social media marketing strategy is performing. The number of clicks on the posts shows how much people clicked. And went to your website for purchasing your product or service.
  • Leads: The primary goal of any social media marketing strategy is to get qualified leads for your business. Further, you need to be patient as it takes time to convert a user into leads.

Wrapping it up

Social Media Marketing Services looks very daunting at first. But if the right strategies are followed, then you get the best results for your business.

It also poses a variety of challenges, and any wrong step can affect your business negatively. You will also miss out on potential customers, leads, sales, and profit.

Use the above-given strategies to fine-tune the marketing plan and increase your traffic, sales, and revenue.

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