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SEO Tips 2019. How to improve SEO in 2019?

With every progressing year, things are changing in the field of SEO. Today we will look at some of the SEO tips 2019.

For those who don’t know about SEO.

It is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. In simple words, SEO is the way of improving the number of visitors to a particular website, by improving the placement or search ranking, over Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to improve online visibility in terms of Organic Search.

Generally, a question arises in everyone’s mind, is Google going to kill SEO by updating the Search Algorithm?

First of all, one shall know why this question arises. Many times we have seen Google updating its Algorithm which drastically affected the Search Results. These updates from Google is to maintain its capability for providing the best accurate search result. From the past decade,

Google has made itself the biggest giant in the Search Engine industry because of its top-notch searching results. People have grown trust over Google Results because of the correctness. And all this happening because of the Google Algorithm Update.seo tips 2019

Hence, the correct answer to the question is,

“No Google is not going to kill SEO”.

So SEO is accountable for the Year 2019 and many more years to come.

But it is true, few changes are made by Google which may have killed some old SEO techniques and methodologies. Though some remains unaffected.

Somehow, it’s becoming hard for peoples to determine which SEO techniques to implement and which to discard. Here we will list some of the most important SEO tips to follow in the Year 2019 if you want to improve your website ranking without getting hit by any Google Penalty or Algorithm Updates.

Let’s get started with the best SEO tips for 2019:

1. Quality Content is the King of SEO.

The very basic reason behind searching on Google is the accuracy and the quality result google gives.

But how Google search engine gives such an accurate result?

Whenever a user feeds some queries in the Google Search bar. Google crawler will start looking for the best result it can offer. Google themselves don’t curate information. They look for the websites, blogs, web pages having the best relevant answer, and start listing those websites in the SERP. The one having the best information will rank at the top three of SERP. But those top spots are not easy to get.

Regarding those top spots, you need to do research and develop content that has all the information relevant to those queries and key phrases. In today’s world content having the best information is awarded and those having not much neither get many rewards. So, if you are owning a website, be sure to develop content relevant to your niche. Never divert from your niche, because if you do Google may not understand what the purpose of your site is.seo tips 2019

Create content which help Google understand your website role. And develop content for the topic most searched in your niche. Lastly, never compromise with quality and standards. The more you pay attention to great content, the more is the chances of you getting a higher ranking.

There is a saying in the content writing community

Create contents for the readers and then for the crawlers.

2. Regular branding to improve visibility.

Generally, website owners have a misconception that they have created the best content and Google will show them on the top. But unfortunately, it is naïve thinking.

No doubt, you have created the best content but how will google understand that you have the best content?

You need to do regular Branding. For those who don’t understand branding. It is a way of promoting your website, contents, and blogs on various platforms of the World Wide Web to gain more audience attraction.  Once the audience starts to know more about your brand, if they are able to relate to your website they will share it with their friends.

seo tips 2019

Once your brand image starts to build Google will automatically notice your presence and will give results for the queries related to your niche.  So branding is going to be the X-factor for SEO in 2019. But avoid spanning for the sake of branding because once Google realizes your cheap tricks they will penalize or de-index your brand, website or blog from the SERP.

Branding to gain more attraction and visibility.

3. Develop the best UI/UX design

Improved User Interface and User needs are going to continue its importance in the year 2019 too. Try to develop the best UI/UX so that your website is able to engage more viewers.

If you are ignoring this tip then you are ignoring some serious problems of SEO. Because it is proven that Google Analytics is using various metrics to evaluate Website Quality. UI/UX design is one such important factor.

seo tips 2019

If your website or blog is interactive and has information which are useful. Additionally, if the website or application is user-friendly, which means that viewers are going to stay on your website or blog for longer durations and will look for other relevant pages.

This all will help you to gain more loyal viewers, improved Bounce Rate, increase in the number of Page Views which are some important analytic factors Google uses to judge a particular website.

Better the interface, better will be readers reaction.

4. Mobile Indexing is the next big step

It is no news that mobile users have taken over the Search Engine by storm. Google has recently published that they are experiencing more search traffic from mobile devices in comparison to desktop devices. Google has already stated that they are going for mobile-first indexing and they have already started the process. Recently, they have embedded the Mobile Indexing feature in Google Search Console previously called the Webmaster tool.

seo tips 2019

So, it’s high time for those who are still unaware of the recent postings.

We recommend every website owner pay more attention, to the mobile optimization of your website. Because in the future, mobile s is going to be the golden key in terms of SEO. Because all potential clients are looking for the information/services on their mobile device. Maybe you are reading this article on your mobile device.

Best ways to develop a mobile-friendly website are to use mobile-friendly themes, use mobile plugging on CMS platform, try to build a website using WordPress, AMP (accelerated mobile pages), Bootstrap, etc. And if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, try to redesign it or optimize your website for easy mobile use.

Mobile Optimized Website are here to survive the long run.

5. Improve Website Speed by developing Responsive Website.

We can correlate this point with our past experience. Most of the time we ignore a website if it takes too much of loading time. So the same thing is going to continue in the future.

Moreover, today we are living in the world of 4G’s and 5G’s internet connection, and if your website is not able to load even in such a high-speed internet connection. Then my friend you need to come up with solutions to improve it.

seo tips 2019

Remove all those obstacles which are pulling down your website speed. There are various ways like reducing HTTP requests, minimizing server response time, using optimized images, asynchronous loading of CSS and JavaScript, etc. to improve website speed. You can learn here about various ways of improving website Speed.

So having a responsive website with better loading time can help SEO in 2019. Try to enhance the speed of the site.

No one likes slow process make your website lightning fast.

6. Use Voice Search Optimization

In 2018, we have seen how voice recognition and voice search are becoming an integral part of day to day use. Similarly, it is going to continue in 2019.

Today’s market holds various devices like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc. which are now changing the ways we are searching for things. With various technological advancements, voice Search is becoming the next big thing in the Search Engine field.

We have already seen that Google has integrated AI into their Search Engine Optimization. Using RankBrain technology they are now giving the most accurate results than ever before. But once they introduced Google Assistant to the mobile devices there is a shift of traffic toward voice searches. Maybe today Voice Search is not holding much of the traffic but in the future, surely they are going to play the most important role in SEO.seo tips 2019

If you prepare yourself today for those advancements it will be a major boost for your SEO. Let me, give some tricks on how to prepare your website for voice search. Use long-tail key phrases. Because today’s short keywords are not getting more impacts like they use to have before. Do proper research and prepare a list of key phrases people are using while searching. Use key phrases that commonly audience use for requesting some information. Use those Long Trail Key phrases and sprinkle it all over your content for the best results.

Voice Command is going to be the future of every device.

7. Implement SSL Security to improve Authority.

It is a commonly known factor that if you have a secure website it will gain more value as compared to a non-secure website. Even Google agrees that they prefer to rank Websites with SSL Security over an unsecured website.

For those who don’t understand the SSL Certificate and its importance in Search Engine Optimization.

SEO tips 2019

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is small data files that are feed or installed over web servers as a precautionary measure against unwanted threats resulting in damage website’s authority. This SSL Certificate gives an advantage in terms of SEO as it has been confirmed by Google that HTTPS holds an important role as a ranking factor.

Even try to improve your website Domain Authority. Because it is very influential when it comes to placement in the Google Search Ranking. There are various ways to improve your authority.

Secure your website will SSL and gain clients trust.

8. Try Blogging and adding video content.

Blogging is one of the biggest ways to improve your website ranking, if you are interested to gain more traffic then you should start blogging. It is one of the best ways to interact with users.

We recommend Blogging and using Video Content for your Search Engine Optimization Support in the year 2019. Many website owners try to create the best website but forget the reason for creating it. The main purpose of every site is to interact with the customer.

Blogging can help to a very extent when it comes to engaging more customers. The more quality blogs you write, the more are the chances of the user staying on your website. So Blogging is the most recommended SEO tip for 2019. And always give information that is valuable to customers and write content relevant to your niche.

Another best way of engaging visitors is quality videos. Moreover, video content is not yet fully equipped by most of the website owners.

seo tips 2019

Because they find it tough to create videos. But trust us, videos are going to be the best ways of communication between your product and your audience. Some surveys suggest that viewers are more interested to gain information from videos rather than reading it.

But somehow even today all websites can’t opt for videos, but in the future be prepared to make yourself open for video content as they are going to become the biggest factor for SEO 2019 ranking and promotions.

More you create more are the chances of getting impressions.

9. Social Shares and Link Building to improve SEO.

Social Media doesn’t need an introduction. We all have seen how major its impact when it comes to ranking. For those who are yet confused about Social Media Branding. You can check the article on “introduction to Social Media Branding”.

Google often trust those websites which have high Social Media Shares. And it is a proven fact that Google uses it as an important factor when it comes to ranking. If any content on your website is popular across social media then it is possible that Google will index that page much faster in comparison to other pages.

Link Building is also no new techniques in terms of SEO strategies. But because of the misuse of Link Building, it has lost its impact in Search Ranking. Though Google supports natural link building. But as per various SEO experts, it is now becoming an obsolete technique for getting higher Google ranking.

seo tips 2019

But even then we support Link Building because we think that it is important to create Link Juice so that Google can understand our niche. We suggest to do Link Building but follow precautions as they can even backfire. In our experience, if you are building links naturally and getting links from authority’s sites like .edu, .gov, then obviously you will gain more value.

And never opt for spamming or unethical ways like commenting or stuffing for the sake of Link Building. So even in the year 2019, Social Shares and Link Building holds an important place in Search Engine Optimization Tricks.

Develop information which audience likes to share.

10. Structured Data for Rich Snippets.

Some information that is useful for a human may seem meaningless to Web Crawlers. In such conditions, structured data helps the crawler understand not only the content but the purpose of it. Structured data is directly added to the HTML so that crawlers can easily decipher the web page content.

Here we will see how structured data is an important tip for SEO in 2019. When you search for some information on the Google Search box, afterward google crawler looks for the best relevant content against the requested query. On top of the search result, you may have noticed a box with the title and some more information. Those boxes are called rich snippets.

Structured data helps Google to determine whether your content is able to get that snippet. If you are building a web page in the form of structured data, then there is a chance of you getting a higher rank. These On-page SEO tips can be of great help to understand how to plan content to get that powerful rich snippet.

In general, it is surveyed that those website who gets the rich snippet are prone to more traffic as compared to sites ranking first or second.seo tips 2019

So always use structured data for which you can take the help of or Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to get that snippet. Because Structure data hold the key to the snippet box and those snippets are the boxes of a large number of visitors.

Therefore structured data is going to the protagonist for SEO in 2019.

Get the Rich Snippet to get rich in terms of visitors.


There are many other factors that can even affect the SEO trend of 2019. But the most important one we have enlisted in the Best SEO Tips 2019.

Some factors which need a go through are Domain Age. As even now it is important for Google while ranking. Domain Name is also important, so try to avoid switching from one domain to another, as it can give bad impressions to google in a sense of credibility.

People often think that SEO is not as effective as it used to be. But it is partially true. Ethical and organic SEO is effective. So only opt for white hat SEO if you are planning long-term goals.

SEO remains the most effective tool even now for improving the business. Either B2C or B2B both are getting more benefits from SEO service rather than any other Traditional ways. Because various stats show that SEO gives more conversion rates than outbound lead or cold calling.

Hopefully, these important SEO tips will help you in the year 2019 while performing Search Engine Optimization. If you will follow these SEO tips then there is a high probability of your website getting a higher ranking in the Search Engine Result Page.

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