Web Designing Trend of 2018

Web designing Trends of 2018

We are at the verge of closure to the year 2018. Many web designing trend is recently coming into existence and various are listed as the old-fashioned. Latest technology and modern ways are the survival instinct of every developer. Over the past year, we came across numerous trend which came into existence for the betterment of Web designing. Modern web design cannot survive just with websites anymore or their accessibility over mobile or desktop. They need to cope up with the latest web designing trend of 2018.

Nowadays designer decision in the sphere of web-design regarding what trends to follow, technologies to use, and what new to include are crafting major sway over the success of the website eventually leading to the triumph of the brand. With recent advancement of web animation and micro-interactions, conversational interfaces, Chatbots and process such as design sprint nurturing and entering the mainstream. Web design is evolving, and the designer needs to be aware and follow these web designing trend to keep them on the spot and sustain the market.

Here we will list some of the web designing trend unfolding itself to the UX design

  • Adjustable Font

With an increasing number of devices having different screen sizes and diverse language, Variable font give an edge to the developer to generate adjustable text grade for the user to provide better readability by adjusting the optical size of the character and helping people to read in low-light to the low-vision scenario. Typography is a powerful visual tool to convey information to the users which make Developers use more custom fonts to keep up the pace with varying device resolution. Nowadays most of the browsers are now compatible with variable fonts. We advise our client in every selection from fonts to the theme. Our cutting-edge Website Designing Company helps everyone who is in need of the best suitable website for their company.

  • Voice User Interface

In recent time we noticed that touch interface is getting replaced by voice interface with the likes of Siri and Alexa in the market. Google also announced various developments in the field of voice interface with a live demonstration of the duplex at I/O summit. It is now becoming high time for a designer to expand their knowledge and come up with a method of incorporating non-visual skillset. Because users are penchant toward voice experience with their time-saving benefit making developers realize that voice-powered interface is becoming a key requirement for UX design of tomorrow. What Is the Core Model Process in Web Design can be learned here.

  • Creative Layouts

An official release of CSS Grid in 2017 is one big change in web design. With the introduction of asymmetrical and unconventional broken layouts which give designers some level of control over how elements are rendered over a webpage. Furthermore, these web trends will still be going strong in 2018 with the appeal of the unique and experimental layouts.

Mainly businesses opt for an external web designer to get the most appropriate website relevant to their business. Atechnocrat helps all their clients to take their business online through creative layouts which lure more and more users toward their esteemed brands and services.

Our services of Web Designing is world class and has been trusted by several users. You can check our web design pricing and portfolio if you are in need of Website. Further, to make your business stand apart from your competitors.

  • Particle Backgrounds

Particle background is currently taking over conventional video background. Because it takes a few extra time to load resulting in degrading performance of websites. Developers these days generally use particle background, these animations are lightweight JavaScript that creates the natural part of the background and has a great response time for loading which is a great solution for the performance issues of video background.

Moreover, it is important to list some of the Web designing trends which designers must avoid. The best way to get the outcome is to know what to follow and what not to. We have already listed some of the web design trends which users may avoid to get perfect results. Read Website Design Trends To Avoid In 2018 to understand better.

  • Cohesive Animations

An impactful story can help to create a consistent brand with the engaging user experience. With advancement in browser technology developers are now finding animations as the best way of storytelling. Animations are now becoming better than a static image in form of appealing customers. Certainly, engaging the visitors throughout their experience on the page. These animations not only help with storytelling but also hold the visitor on the website. Animation while loading of a file gives users a certain amount of relief that website is under their control.

You can further check some of the Web Design Facts You Never Thought About. Lastly, the important fact and the trend which enlists in our web design trend of 2018 is.

  • Responsive Web Design

Probably developers are reading about this trend for the past couple of years. But few are still ignoring the need for a responsive design. With people becoming more mobile-savvy user access website often with mobile browser compared to desktop. Developers are now creating websites mobile friendly from the start to avoid the loss of users. Currently, a huge number of users are accessing mobile site frequently rather than the desktop version. Which drives developers to come up with an interactive and responsive mobile website.


Being one of the reputed and innovative website designers, we offer the best plans and knowledge to our users. Responsive web designing is our specialty including the services of Web Application Development.

We hope, that these web designing trend of 2018 might be useful for the seekers out there. If you are looking ahead in the year 2019 then you must have services of Web Design Company USA to add more to your Business. Here at Atechnocrat (SEO Agency India), we always deliver content by finding new ways and try to deliver the best. To maintain cordial relations with our clients and users. For similar information’s and latest updates follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Connect with us on LinkedIn as social media is the boon for forming an online society.


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