Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Latest Digital Marketing Trends of the Year 2018

After crossing semiannual of the year 2018 we are now progressing towards the end of this year. With numerous changes and advances it brings. But, what are those changes which have majorly impact the Digital World? From getting better to best and what more it’s going to leave behind? We all know that in this unstable and wobbly market, trends are the one which makes a heavy impact over the Business. Being a Digital Marketing firm we will put on some highlights over the trends which are making headlines in the Digital Marketing field and how they are going to continue in the upcoming year. We will list some of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends of 2018.

Almost every portion of the world is now relying upon technology and the internet. Furthermore, getting added day by day. In such set-ups, Digital Marketing Agency has proven to be potent for every business. And none of them want to get left behind in this pace. All those who are aware of the strategies and the latest Digital Marketing trends are getting high aids resulting in progression of their businesses. But following the same strategies may not work in the upcoming year. What works this year may not have the same sway over the Business results next year.

Let’s gaze at some of the Digital Marketing trends of the Year 2018 and what more advancement we can see ahead. Those strategies and trends which are not only meant for the year 2018 but surely going to influence more in the year 2019.
  • Artificial Intelligence

First one in our list is going to be the most hyped term having gigantic outburst “Artificial Intelligence”. We have already mentioned the impact of it in one of our article “Artificial Intelligence: Protagonist of Search Engine and how it’s advancing SEO performance”. But for those who are new to the term. Let us make it clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now taking over most of the marketing strategies in the best way possible. It is becoming ‘THE PLAYER’ of the marketing process. And those who want to get profit from it must understand the changes it brings to your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Mostly all the business are dependent on the data and information they gather. Similarly, every B2B companies are highly reliant over the primitive or intent Data. With a technical leap, AI is now been able to analyze most of the crucial statistics. Like customer behaviors, searching way patterns, collective data from Social Media Platforms, reviews, feedback, and many other social activities. All these analyzed data from AI methods are going to improve your services. And helps business understand How customer’s getting interacted with the services and goods they produce. And acts as an assistance to apprehend ways for further improvement. AI is now becoming an essential part of Social Social Media Optimization Services and SEO packages.

Those businesses which are adopting AI in 2018 and going to practice more use of it will surely going to withstand this competitive market and will add more to their revenues and growth.

  • Chatbots

One of the recent Digital Marketing trends of 2018 is the use of chatbots. They are also based on the technological advancement of AI. Many of us are familiar with chatbots but those who are not should better know about it. Chatbots are a short-term of Chatterbots. They are basically an AI-based instant messaging system which simulates human conversation through text or speech and is highly effective in real-time use. It’s a messaging format which connects your customer through an automated message. With 24*7 feature, it improves your company availability toward customers.ChatBots

Many customers prefer using chatbots as they find them highly effective and efficient for getting relatable information. Those businesses which are using it also realizes it’s capability of improving the interactions and how it’s highly responsive ways are making customer habituated toward it. In various field and organization, they are highly effective and productive. Businesses having high traffic of active customers like the service centers, banking sectors, customer service are widely using chatbots which give them an extra space for other works.

Chatbots are not only business friendly but are too user-friendly. They store the history of your previous inquiries and assist. Further dipping users from establishing new interaction. Many e-commerce companies are also using Chatbots. As they are able to give information related to products searched by the users and can directly mail to the customer prior to the mail id without any manual work.

  • Manifestation / Personalization

In term of Websites, personalization is a way of making pages as per the user’s preferences. It is one of the highly advance way of enhancing customer services. So the third trend in our Digital Marketing Trends list is meant for Personalization. The usage of filter and cookies are now making business more focused on the way they represent and Content-based personalization is becoming one of the best strategies of Digital Marketing.Personalization

As per Search Sales Force, personalization is one to one marketing strategy. Where enterprise’s Web page is tailored to specifically target each individual consumer. Personalized content has become an effective way of marketing. Gathering relevant data derived from particular sites using filters. Which is now giving businesses leverage to customize their marketing tracks using personalized emails based on customer’s interest and demographics?

Through cookies, websites are now using stored data from previous sessions to determine the present outlooks. Many times, once a customer buys or inquires for some products in e-commerce sites, next time during the visit, the website shows them a relevant or similar product based on previous inquiry’s and purchase which makes customers tempt toward the products and end up buying it.  Like once you buy a culinary product from an e-commerce site like Amazon during the next visit they will show you some more culinary products of the same brand or the other. Using purchase history, customers past experiences, follow up links and businesses are now used for customizing the content to boost up their growth.

  • Programmatic Advertisements

People are more interested in buying things which they look. Using services of automated advertising or programmatic advertisement you can improve your sales. Programmatic advertisement occupies number four in our Digital Marketing Trends list of 2018.

Now, what are these Programmatic Advertisements? It’s an automated advertising policy controlled through software or an AI enable programs. Programmatic advertisements refer to buying ads using software’s to purchase digital advertising space. It reduces the role of any human intervention of placing manual bids. Making it a completely automated process.Programmatic Advertisement

Being a completely automated process it improves the ways of buying ads and reduces the cost by eliminating the demands of middlemen. Which gives business extra space to focus completely on their advertising campaign and help them to optimize further by targeting the audience more explicitly.

  • Native Advertising

Web Banners are now getting superseded with improving ways of usability. Traditional ad banners are now very less effective as compared to earlier times. Users have developed a tendency to ignore Banner ads and mainly end up blocking those using some Ad Blockers.  So how to promote products or services? If no Banner ads then what? How to advertise in 2018 plus upcoming years?

Native Advertising

The answer to this is the Native Advertising which holds the fifth place in our list of Digital Trends in 2018. Now, what are these Native Ads? Native ads are basically an ad placement on online platforms (Social Media mostly) which are presented as per the online publications forms and functionality. In simple terms, it’s an ad formatted as a simple post and displayed to targeted audience timeline on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Native ads are not only effective but are highly recommended for expanding the business. Using intuitive content these ads are used to expand the reach through a targeted audience. A native advertisement is a form of Digital Marketing with some variations. These Pay Per Click campaigns are now getting used by almost every brand whether small or big. And it seems no stoppage because the number of users over social media is rising day by day.

  • Video Marketing

Although video marketing is no new trend but its importance has given it sixth place in our Marketing Trends list of 2018. Video Marketing is as simple as increasing and promoting brand using visually rich video contents. The practice of Video Marketing is old dated from the Days of Televisions. But with people migrating to the internet has increased its need.Video Marketing

Customers mostly state that they generally end up buying a product after watching video advertisement of it. If this is not enough for you. Then let us check some other stats which will surely make Businesses realize the dire need for it.

  • As per Cisco by the year 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.
  • YouTube is the second most trafficked site after Google as per Alexa.
  • Livestream states that 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

We think the above facts and figures from various sources have confirmed the reason behind video marketing making its mark on the list of Digital Marketing Company.

There can be more additions to the list like voice search, Social Media Applications, etc. But let’s not make this the final list as more changes are on its way which can be encompassed in the upcoming days

Being a top SEO Agency in India we hope the list has elaborated on some of the known or unknown topics of yours. For more relevant Article subscribe to our Blog and track us on Facebook and Twitter.
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