Ecommerce Website

E-commerce Website

Today the method of Shopping has reformed from the ways they were earlier countered. However, these changes were the outcome of the Internet’s pace and Ecommerce Website. In recent time various Ecommerce website which came into the picture and transformed the way of online market. Nowadays the second term of shopping has been redefined as e-commerce. In this article, we will explore the history of the E-commerce and how it is evolving with time. The basic meaning of E-commerce is a medium of selling and buying items using the internet as the platform. E-commerce is an abbreviation for Electronic commerce or even called as internet commerce. It is not only for selling or buying physical merchandises. But a term in sense of commercial transaction which is made using W3 (World Wide Web) or one can say the Internet.

E-commerce History

Further, the birth E-commerce dates decade back. There is no actual date regarding when the first e-commerce service came into existence. However, E-commerce – Wikipedia states that the first Electronic commerce service was launched by CompuServe in April 1984 and the first Internet-based system of Ecommerce was introduced by Sequoia Data Corp in the year 1989 (May) named CompuMarket.

But the way E-commerce exploded in the past few years has made us empathetic toward its importance and it’s belonging to this changing era. The major reason behind e-commerce success is the ease of sell and buy. And with quality e-commerce website now business find it highly productive. As they get a platform where they can sell their product anytime to anywhere. People from every genre are getting benefits of E-commerce whether they are selling products, physical goods, services, freelance services, and many others. Big corporates or the small business all are getting involve with E-commerce as the future stances bright for e-commerce. Studies from statista suggest that the global retail e-commerce sale worldwide is projected to grow 4.8trillion US dollar by the year 2021. In forthcoming days we will see even more advances in the arena of E-commerce.

We are listing diverse sorts of E-commerce Model which will help you determine your own model of E-commerce structure using which your website accumulate more business. Each model of E-commerce is based on the transaction happen between a business and a customer.

E-commerce Model

First model of E-commerce is Business to Customer (B2C) in which business sells their product to the customer. Second one is Business to Business (B2B) where a business sells their product or services to another business using the internet. Third one is Consumer to Business (C2B) where a consumer sells their own commodities to any business or organization. (for example, a freelance Photographer). And the last one of e-commerce model is the Customer to Customer (C2C) where an individual can sell their belongings to others using the platform ( For example eBay).

Ecommerce Website

Once you understand your own business model of e-commerce the next big step is going to be the E-commerce Website. For that, you can take the help of professional web designers like Atechnocrat to get the best E-commerce website befitting your business. Through E-commerce Website you have an opportunity to sell your product or services whole day 24 * 7 without any restriction. Furthermore, the e-commerce website expands the market reach of your product plus gives you the best platform to get acute exposure to your business.

With best Ecommerce website many features also come wrapped like the payment gateway, wishlist, Cart, and many more. Online payment gateway provides the easiest way of a transaction between the seller and the buyer. However, options like COD (Cash on Delivery) is also preferable by many. Features like wishlist add décor to your website through which user can store items on their profile for imminent purchase. Benefits and features of E-commerce will only add more to business growth.

Hope this information regarding E-commerce will boost your know-how. And help you understand how E-commerce works and how one can improve their business. If you or anyone of your known is in need of E-commerce Website or have queries regarding it. Share the article with them and suggest Atechnocrat for Ecommerce Website Designing. As we are one of the best Ecommerce Website Designing Company having packages available at affordable rates. For similar information’s subscribe to our Blog and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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