Social Media Branding and Social Media Branding Strategy

What is Social Media Branding and its Strategy?

Before starting today’s topic on how to build businesses using Social Media Branding Strategy?

Let’s understand What is Social Media Branding?

Social Media Branding as the name suggests is a method of engaging and creating awareness among customers or audience toward their business, website, blog, product, etc. using correct Social Media Platforms like Google+, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.. Nowadays no one is untouched of Social Media, on the lighter note if they are then they must be living a very peaceful lifestyle.Social Media Branding

Generally, our Social Branding Team receives queries like. Is it actually worthy enough to invest money in Social Media Marketing Services?

However, this query needs an elaborate explanation because most people confuse awareness with revenue. Till now we understand that it is used for creating awareness.

But how to create revenue through Brand awareness? This will be explained as we move ahead in the article. We all know that every Business Model, Marketing Plans and investments have a proper objective of generating revenue. The final result of SMM (Social Media Marketing) or Branding is to generate high ROI. But if you are not generating revenues from Social Branding, then there is a probability of wrongness with your Strategy.

“Social Media Branding and its strategy are the Keys for your Business Survival.”

Firstly before getting into strategies, you must understand what is Social / Shared Media Branding Strategy?

Social Media Branding Strategy is the full proof plan which is drafted before Executing Social Branding for your Business, Blog, Website, Products, events, etc. Here we will learn how to make well-organized, effective and ready to use Strategies to improve the results of Social Branding.

Let’s start with the best Social Media Branding Strategy:

1. Choose correct social media platform as per your niche.

The very first strategy is to be attentive while selecting Social Media Platforms for Branding.

But how will you understand which Social Platform is going to suit your business?

We are listing a few tricks which can help you during social platform selection.

There are few major Social Sites like Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. which are mostly preferred by SMO agencies for Social Branding. But you have to recognize which is going to be most productive for your business or website.

Social Media Branding
Choose the correct Social Media Platform.


First of all, you need to understand your niche before stepping into Social Media Campaigning and Branding. For that, you need to understand your business plan, the products you are selling, the services you are providing, etc.

Understand your niche before starting your branding.

Let’s take an example, for instance, we have a client who is providing Digital Marketing Services and have a website for the purpose. The niche is very clear that the business is regarding Service Provider, which is selling services of Digital Marketing to the client.

Now, once you get to know about the niche, the next step is the selection. How to do that? You need to do some research and analysis, search for competitors who are selling similar services and product, list down which platforms they are using. Work is not over yet, you need to continue your research, search for topics relevant to your business. Again list out those Platforms where people are talking for similar key phrases. Analyze the mindset of audiences on those platforms.

Finally, analyze the mindset of the audience on the listed platform, and decide the one you are going to use for your Social Branding.

2. Decide what kind of content you shall be posting.

While performing publicizing activities on social media for the sake of branding, you must understand what content on the social platform will perform best for your business, brand, products, blogs, websites, etc.

Today there are a large number of formats for posting. Some major posting formats are text, videos, audios, infographics, images, gifs, etc.

Even different social media platforms provide diverse ways of posting. Like Google+ and Facebook, the major giants of Social Media providing every format for posting. For example, let’s take Facebook, you will see different ways of postings like Photo/Video, Feeling/Activity, Stickers, Tag Event, Watch Party, Poll, ask for recommendations and other submissions.

But if you look at their sister company Instagram, you can only post images and videos. Then moving onto Twitter, you can post contents like, text, images, videos, but they also have some limitations with the text and videos should be formatted as per the policies of twitter.Social Media Branding

The simple understanding of all above is that every other Social Platform provides every other way of posting. And you need to decide which seems good for you niche, and therefore develop content.

Most agencies or individuals get confused regarding which formats to use. According to our experience in the field of Social Media Campaigns, we suggest, all our users and readers, not to stick with one. Always look for options, if you are posting only images the possibility is that your audience will start to get bored. So try different formats at it will make give an interesting aspect to the audience and they will be stuck with your brand.

To stick more audience towards your brand don’t stuck with one content (format) for posting.

3. Consistency with your content and social media posting.

According to us, this is the most important key to the treasure box of Social Branding which holds various potential for your business.

As per our marketing team responsible for social media marketing. They stated that consistency is the core of all the Branding strategy required while performing Social Branding.

Our readers may be thinking posting is an easy job. But trust us, it is one of the toughest one. From various experiences of our clients, we are accumulating some situations faced by them while performing promotional events.

The common problem everyone faces is “What to post?”

Social Media Branding
What to Post? When to Post?

If you are reading this article thoroughly then you must have understood what’s your niches are, to develop content relevant to your business.

Another common situation is the frequency of posting. This is tricky one, but have a very obvious solution. There is no written formula which provides the exact number. But we will further provide you the information in the fourth listed strategy.

Most users face a similar problem, how to maintain consistency with the content? For us, content writing is an art form which can only be performed well by artists. But content writing is not the only form of posting, you can have other contents like videos, images, and infographics. So mix up things with your content. Then you can maintain consistency. But this suggestion comes with a warning. If you are mixing content for the sake of consistency, never use inappropriate or irrelevant contents.

Consistency and frequency of posting is the golden key of Online Media Branding treasure.

Always develop new and unique content for posting whether it’s a text, video, image, and gifs. Be reliable and informative with your contents and always focus on consistency and frequency of posting.

4. Don’t get Self Absorbed while promotions.

We all know too much of anything can cause damage. Same happens while social branding if you become Self-absorbed or narcissistic it can damage the whole process of marketing strategy.

Let’s elaborate this, once you get into building strategies for Social Branding. Firstly, focus towards gaining audience attraction and secondly making Brand visible in front of a crowd.

We have earlier left an unanswered topic about how much posting should be done. Here we will see how much should be the frequency of your posting. Because you have to realize that too much of posting is equivalent to becoming narcissistic.

You must learn a way of posting on Social Media Platform, and always be precautious while doing so. Do some research and determine at what time you posting are getting more hits and impression, always schedule your post for those durations. The number of posts is dependent on the type of your business.

Let’s take an example, if you are a digital marketing firm and opting social branding. You must choose the time according to the geographical region, and schedule your posts during the daytime. Because you are a specific service providing company you need audiences like an active business owner, website owners, and blog owners. And daytime is the most feasible time for them to perform their online chores.

But if you are a cloth selling company you can choose some specific hours to post. After office hour is the most effective time period for cloth sellers as mostly audience active on Social Media during those time frame will be looking for some new trends going on.

Over-posting can make people unfollow your brand page and you will come under the radar of spamming brands.

5. Availability is a must while performing branding activities.

People often get surprised after learning this strategy of Social Branding. You will be amazed too once you understand how availability can affect your performance of Social Media Campaigning.

Let see some common scenarios which some faces due to unavailability.

Oh, you have created your social media profile. Implemented brand page too. It seems you are posting some quality contents too. But hello! Where’re the conversations, did you sign off from the profile?

Imagine, you recently posted detailed information about your products and then logged off. Some viewer got interested in the product and start to make queries in the comment box. But as they don’t get further information regarding the product they will back off from your product and start to search similar products.

My friend, you lost a deal there. Maybe if you would have been available at that time, there are chances of you converting them to a potential buyer.

But don’t worry we have a solution for those who are willing to take charge of their strategies and perform well. We suggest our viewers, if you are posting something relevant to your niche then try as much possible to be available, in case you are not able to just add some message box or links which provide more details. Furthermore, you can give your mail id for a detailed conversation.Social Media Branding

Social media platforms are a two-way connection, if you become unavailable then the audience will become unreachable. Not sure what to post on facebook. Learn what Type of Facebook Content Businesses shall post.

Always try to be available while performing your Social Branding Strategy.

Try to have a conversation because social media is all about conversations and Societal Media Branding Strategy is all about building those conversations.


In short, branding means be ready to give information. And your information will lead to awareness among others. In Similar fashion shared media branding works, be ready, be reasonable, be informative, be professional and be available to promote your brands.

If you follow the above-mentioned strategies you will realize how easy it becomes while branding promotions on social media. Once your brand starts to gain popularity then your audience will become your partner in promotions.

Therefore, if you properly cover all the strategy of Social Branding then there are very high chances that your revenue will increase. Because in today world millions of user are active on Social Media Sites. And if you become successful in attracting the audience toward your business, brand, product, website, you will see a positive shift in revenue generation.

Hopefully, the strategy will help you during your social media campaigns. If you follow the above strategies then surely your campaign will become fruitful in terms of building a loyal audience and generating revenues.

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