Free Website effect and why it’s lousy intention?

Free Website Effects and Why it’s a bad idea?

In today’s world, there is no such thing as free. Free is now just a word used by big marketers to tempt and lure customers toward their product. In retail shops, if you find something free you get excited, your excitement is the result of a good marketing stunt to increase their sales. Similarly, people are more active over the internet and browsing makes them attracted toward free deals. Likewise, having a website of your own is enticing but that too for free is highly tempting. But have you ever realized why someone is offering a free website? And How free website effect? This particular article over free website effect will let you understand whether to go for a free website or not.

In today’s scenario, there are two ways of getting a website either get professionals to help or borrow it from companies offering “free websites”. But why isn’t everyone uses free websites, rather they choose to develop it by professionals. Here, we will list some of the reasons why one should avoid getting stuck with Free Websites and how free deals are alluring but one should not ignore it’s after effect.

Before understanding why it’s bad to have a free website. It’s important to highlight what Free Website is and what is the free website effect?

People who are taking their businesses online often search for ways to do it. In that process, beginners search for free websites. Result, they get a huge list of companies “free websites providers” which alludes them to sign up. The market is full of Free Website Developing Company. But actual dilemma starts after you get involved in by registering. Once you browse deep you find that these so-called free developing and hosting company are not that free. There are a lot of limitations in the services and many of them are not actually free and demands money at every step.

If you are in need of a website or tempted with having a free website of your own. Check the limitations before making decisions.

The reason behind “Why having a free website is a bad Idea

  1. Inappropriate web address.

Those who are starting their business online needs a proper website address. But having a name like is like the most unprofessional way of representing your company. Getting a website from free hosting companies will get you unethical and irrelevant domains. They may have custom domain options too which are costly and comes with premium packages. The same domain you can acquire at a low cost from other hosting companies. So what’s free in that if you can’t get a domain name of your choice?

  1. Alluring Trial Services

Various companies give Trial Services to their customers. But all trial services have a lot of limitation which will only agitate you. For using the full benefits you were asked to pay a hefty amount which is much from any of the WordPress hosting services.

  1. Awfully Slow Website

    free website effect

Most of the free website service providers use the same server to host almost every free websites which makes your website loading very slow giving a bad reputation of your website to the users and even it is terrible for SEO.

  1. Advertisement over your Website.

Most of the free website developing companies are backed by the advertisement. Once you accepted the terms of the company they hold the right to show ads over your website. And they are the one who will get the money for it. These ads are sometimes very irrelevant to the content over the webpage which makes it look ugly. Atechnocrat hopes that you can understand the effect of bad ads over your own website.

  1. Hidden chargesFree website effect

They have various hidden charges like you need to pay money for some extra features to run over your website. But undoubtedly they are going to make you realize how bad free services can cost.

  1. Problem during migration

Once you decided to migrate from free services to some other paid services you will find it very difficult to transfer data from the free website to the other one. It will cost some extra bucks to carry it manually with the help of Freelancers. These companies are so smart they don’t provide tools to migrate your site. Even if they have they are going to empty your pockets.

  1. No control over the Website.Free website effect

They hold the right to shut down your website any time without any consent of yours. Even they have no backup plans so one the data lost they can’t be held responsible.

  1. No guarantee of Web Address

Once the company decides to close down you may lose your web address as you can’t replicate the web address because they are mostly the subdomain associated with the services. Even they don’t give any tools to redirect the users to a new address.

  1. Information leakage

These so-called free websites company needed money to run if you are not paying for them, then who are? Most of them can sell your data to acquire the business for themselves. If you are not paying to the company then someone is paying for keeping it running. Maybe it’s your data.

  1. No WordPress or Limited WordPress

WordPress need more resources than what the free websites can offer which results in either no installation of WordPress or the servers can give frequent errors which will give a very bad experience.

  1. Poor SecurityFree website effect

In any malware attacks, free websites are top rank for spreading them just because of their poor security and this not only affects the website reputation but also degrades its SEO.

  1. Low Disk Space and Partial Bandwidth

Free website companies mostly host many websites over a single server which lowers the disk space for all. Once you run out of the disk space they ask you to pay for storage. Data transfer from server to a browser is bandwidth. Due to the single server, they give very low bandwidth caps.

  1. Limited design with No site building tool.

Apart from paid hosting companies the “free hosting companies” offer limited tools and services. Using such tools give a very unethical image of your websites. WordPress offers thousands of free themes but these companies provide very limited themes and that too give an unprofessional look to the website. They even don’t allow to use your own designed theme.

  1. No Customer services

These free website companies don’t give support to their users until you are their premium customers. They are not going to give any kind of information regarding your website. You need to tackle all by yourself.

  1. No ad money

You are not going to get shares of the money generated by running ads over your website they (company) holds and controls the ads.

  1. Statistics and analytics problem.

Any other paid hosting company give you the advantage to install free analytical tool or the google analytics but free website builder don’t give such options they have their own set of code for analytics which is not up to the mark.

  1. No business emails

You can’t have the email of your domain name. This is the most unprofessional way of running a website you need your mail id either Gmail, Yahoo or other for that purpose.

  1. Security Breach

Due to their low-security measures and poor control they are the most venerable for cyber hacks. Once your site gets an attack you have very less chance for recovery.

  1. Limited features

Most developers get hurts while using these free website as they not only limits the use but also have very limited features for exploration. Like media uploader of WordPress, they oppose of that with one file at a time transfer which irritates the most.

  1. Waste of time

These so-called free websites are not only substandard but a waste of time. Even we suggest not to use it for the purpose of practice as it will limit the knowledge to an extent. They are highly unreliable, unstable, unsafe, and problematic with the limitations they possess.

What are the alternatives for Free Websites?

It’s better to have a paid website rather than falling for the free website and shield yourself from free website effect. Hire professionals web design company to catch the best results and get the most interactive websites for yourself. Hire Atechnocrat for the same as we are one of the best Developing Company assure our customers with the most reliable intuitive websites at very low cost. Check our Web Designing Company category and choose from the Packages.

We are renowned one for creating the best WordPress websites and also suggest our thousands of users for choosing WordPress. We hope the article is informative for you all and able to explain why having a free website is a bad idea. Read our article on “Why to choose WordPress for Interactive websites” for better knowledge on reasons behind choosing WordPress for your websites. If you like our article, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more offerings.

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