Artificial Intelligence: Protagonist of Search Engine and how it’s advancing SEO performance


As we have stepped into the technological era, we are witnessing Artificial Intelligence becoming the future of the Technological world. Further, the same getting echoed over the web world where AI is making advances in the functionality of Search Engines. AI functionality is now highly embedded in most of the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). And have unbolted a number of opportunities for Search Engine Optimization. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence is now making search more humane. With the glimpse of advancement of AI during the launch of Duplex this year’s I/O Developers conference. Where people witness the use of AI for a conversation with an actual person. Like getting an appointment from a saloon, booking table in the restaurant using natural language.

Now Google’s Rank Brain Technology uses machine learning to understand the contents it crawls. Using feedback data’s to further enhance their result accuracy, it is working on the model of listening and learn. With an increased number of SERP category, Google is now using AI to match the layout of the Search Result Page to the user’s intent. According to the recent statement from Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai going public with its goal to be an “AI-first” company. With such advancement and up-gradation, therefore marketer needs to focus on technologies to grab opportunities for SEO. Insight, Automation, and Personalization are a few key areas where AI can improve SEO performance

Atechnocrat understands the importance of getting succeeded in business and always inform readers and clients the ways of achieving it. Therefore, we list some Search Engine optimization techniques based on advancement in Artificial intelligence and the benefits from AI and SEO

Few Benefits of AI in Search Engine Optimization

  1. Device making influence over search results

With an increased number of devices and their compliance with the search engine, it is changing the traditional lookup of search results making search results getting varied from devices to devices. Let’s take an example of how search results are viewed over different devices. If a user makes a simple search using song name over devices like a personal computer, mobile phone or Alexa devices, the result will differ over every device. Web-based PC’s will show information’s related to the song like musician, composer or else. While the same song name over a mobile device search engine (Google) will show the options like play music or download option or related applications to play the song while Alexa plays the music for you. This show how advanced search results are getting.

  1. Keywords getting outmoded but intentions are not

Search engines have improved through updates making old traditions obsolete. Techies now realized the importance of innovative plans to pace up with the changes. The inclusion of voice search has extended the use of Search Engine with people getting the result through voice commands. Therefore, it is important to target specific keywords (generally used) while short keywords have now outdated. As a result use of long tail keywords is the latest trend in the SEO industry.

  1. Understanding users involvement

Being in the networking world we understand the importance of customers attraction toward your business due to increased online competitors.  Since Website is the most appropriate platform for luring customers and grow business by following the latest market trend. Users involvement is the main concern for most of the website reputation. The market is full of websites were users stays for a few minutes and then switch to the other site. Good quality contents are important to upgrade your website ranking while the contents are important to hold the customer/ visitor to the website and extends their durations as well. Quality content and visitor’s duration are accountable for page rank in search engines.

  1. Niche down your website

Role and functionality of the website are equally important in search engine optimization. We usually suggest our clients be specific about their business model. And target precisely over the marketplace which can add value by increasing client visit and will generate more traffic. Use high-quality topic relevant contents and focus on integral keywords commonly used by visitors. Hire SEO services providers who are expert and determined towards clients.


With regular advancement in technologies. Its important for a business to regularly update themselves to an extent which can add more to the business. Furthermore, businesses forget to focus on the outlook of their website once they start to generate revenue. We saw the effect of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing. Therefore, to survive in the market its necessary to train yourself from day one to overcome the hurdle of the tenth day.

Being one of the best SEO service providers we keep our clients regularly updated with the recent knowhow of the online trends. If you are thinking of making your website one of the best, contact Atechnocrat representatives and choose from our SEO Services to get your task completed by us.

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