Website Design Trends To Avoid In 2018

Website Design

The way people interact with a website is changing constantly. This field is dynamic in nature, you need to be constantly updated with the latest trend and design. So that you remain on top of your game and elevate your brand to the highest level. Check out the Website Design Trends.

Here are website design trends to avoid in 2018:-

One Page Design

This trend is much adopted by the website designing companies. As all the content is laid out on a single page for the users to just scroll through. It eliminates having to click around and explore the website. It also eliminates the time of the click and saves the user from the navigation part which most of the users are ready to avoid.

  • Reasons to Avoid- The main reason to avoid a one-page website is that all the users will land on the same page irrespective of what they want. This will lead to frustration and a quick exit!
Parallax Scrolling 

Parallax scrolling is a computer graphics technique in which background images move more slowly than images in the foreground, creating the illusion of depth and immersion.

  • Reasons to Avoid – Parallax scrolling is great for websites that need to introduce a product or service with a decorative presentation, but it doesn’t lend itself to content-heavy websites. Using parallax scrolling with such websites means loading all content on a single page that can have a negligible or negative organic SEO impact. Moreover, parallax scrolling can make websites heavy in terms of file loading.\
Social Media Feeds

Social feed or social stream pulls real-time data from social media accounts. Displaying feeds on websites is an amazing way for those companies which are active on social media to reach out to their customers and encourage followers. Embedding feed also allows you to save time as you don’t have to replicate the content for your website.

  • Reasons to Avoid-Uploading of various social media feeds can clutter your website making it irritating for the audience. Also, too much of social media messages can make your potential clients go away from the website since it will affect your Call to action purposes.
Image Carousels

Designers embrace image carousels or sliders as they are an easy way to pack visual information in a limited space. As such, they are beneficial for creating engaging users and also for displaying your product.

  • Reasons to Avoid- Carousels are great on aesthetics but low on user-friendliness. A major drawback of using carousels is that they slow down websites and contribute to a bad user experience. When used in combination with badly designed websites, carousels can be a distraction or end up being ignored altogether. They’re also bad for SEO Services !



With this list of overused website design trends, you now know what to avoid in the coming year. So go through this article and design the right website or hire a web design company to easily complete your tasks.

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