The PHP release PHP 7 series in 2017. The latest version of PHP is PHP 7.2.0 which was released in 30 nov 2017. PHP 7 will allow us to simplify our code dramatically, reduce bugs (primarily by increasing type safety), make our code more easily maintainable (less code required to check types; less repetitive code), provide stronger and more predictable interfaces to our users, and simultaneously provide users access to more and better language features.It comes with numerous improvements and new features such as:-

  1. Performance Improvements:- The developers worked very hard to refactor the PHP codebase in order to reduce memory consumption and increase performance. And they certainly succeeded. PHP 7 is its all new Zend engine that enhance the functionality of the initial engine and adds an extensible object model and a significant performance enhancement to the language.
  2. Engine Exceptions:- The New Engine exceptions are meant to facilitate handling errors in your application. Existing fatal and recoverable fatal errors were replaced by exceptions, making it possible for us to catch said errors and take action — like displaying them in a nicer way, logging them, or performing recovery procedures.
  3. Support for 64-Bit Windows Systems:- PHP is an unmistakable individual from the LAMP stack that implies its local surroundings is Linux – but it’s also possible to run it on a Windows system. PHP 7 will change this as it introduces consistent 64-bit support which means both native 64-bit integers and large files will be supported, allowing you to confidently run the language on your 64-bit Windows system in the future.
  4. Encourages Imports From the Very Same Namespace:– The all new Group Use Declarations highlight will be significantly help to people who need to import numerous classes from the very same namespace. By this we save re-writing which saves time, assists with making your code cleaner and simpler in terms of readability.
  5. Gives out Accurate Type Declarations:- The new PHP 7 allows developers to boost the quality of the code through the return type declarations help. PHP 7 has introduced four new type declarations for the scalar types:
  • Bool
  • String
  • Float

These new scalar types allow the website owners and developers to denote the expecting Booleans, strings, floats, and integers which may return.

  1. Tidies Up The Room:- The main aim of PHP 7 was to set up free space in order to provide improvements in this version. This is why it was important to get rid of the deprecated functionalities, along with the unsupported, old Server extensions and APIs. This largely helped in giving out free space.

Wrapping Up:

It’s clear that the new version of PHP boasts many new & exciting features and now it’s more efficient.

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