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Every year technology is changing and the developers are constantly trying to evolve with innovative trending ideas and concepts. From functionality to color and typography, this will be a year of new ideas and new visual concepts to explore. Here is the latest and upcoming trends of the modern web design.

     Gradients Love:- Gradients making is a major come back in this year. Think subtle gradients in monochromatic palettes that just add a little depth and punch to a flat design.

      Videos With Sound or Ambient Video:- People are becoming more habitual to watching videos – from short bits of YouTube to movies – on their devices. Nowadays videos with sound or ambient video is on the homepage of the website.

      Even More Parallax:- Parallax scrolling website design is growing in popularity across the internet. The more real the movement looks on the screen, the more users will want it. That trend will continue with more impressive – and fancier parallax effects.

        The Return of Texture and Tactile Design:- This will helps in making more attractive UI. This include tactile design such as paint and ink texture, hand- drawn elements, paper edges and plenty of elements that feel like the user can reach out and touch them.

    Use Of Neutral Color Palettes and SVG Masking:- The use of neutral color palettes and SVG masking is in new trends. Look for more greens, beiges and muted tones colors with unique shapes,edges and designs.

     Big, Bold and Beautiful Typography:- Typography is a new trend which speaks more than a word and will remain today and tomorrow. It is an art of artificial texture transferred into graphic design, with the paint literally dripping off the letters.

     Super Simple Homepages:- No more overcrowded menus, say goodbye to them. Opting for design that feature only a word or two on the first screen of the design, menus with fewer top-level items and large, well-designed meganavs that drop down to reveal subpages and even featured content.

More Card and Grid UIs:- Use of cards is growing popular day by day it made famous by the Pinterest. Cards also allow brands to build more robust systems for creating and organising content, as users can filter, customise and sort them to suit their own needs, allowing brands to cater to the needs of their users on a much more personal level.

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